Mehmed Fetihler Sultani Episode 8 With English Subtitles

Mehmed Fetihler Sultani Episode 8 With English Subtitles

When Muhammad ascended the throne, he was confronted by Halima, who attempted to kidnap Ahmad, and Çandarlı, who was believed to be collaborating with him. Mehmed Fetihler Episode 8 With English Subtitles

Will Halima take the pressure off by saying that she collaborated with Çandarlı, or will she remain silent and cause Çandarlı to die? Mehmed Fetihler Sultani Episode 8 With English Subtitle

A new order has been formed in the palace and Muhammad will assign duties for this palace. Who will be the Grand Minister? New developments are also happening in the harem, Bahar has become the head of Hasaki. As Behar becomes the head of Husky, a new era of order begins in the harem.

The sudden arrival of Hala Sultan affects the new order of the harem. What role will the Sultan play in this order? His first move will be against Halimah. Gulshah is given to Bahar by Muhammad and is now under the shadow of Bahar.

Mehmed Fetihler Sultani Episode 8 With English Subtitles

On the other hand, Chaderli is looking for a new game against Muhammad, and the arrival of Piri Pasha prepares the ground for the game that Chaderli will arrange. By pitting the Ottomans and Karamans against each other, Çandarlı executes the game he has set up.

Will Halim ease the pressure by saying that he cooperated with Candarli or will he remain silent and let Candarli save his life? Who will be the Grand Vizier?

This is the palace’s biggest problem.

⚔ Sultan Mehmed The Conqueror ⚔

Hala Sultan’s sudden arrival will affect the new regime in the harem. What will be Hala Sultan’s role in this arrangement? Your first step will be against Halima.

Muhammad gave Gulshah to Bahar and she is now under Bahar’s shadow.

Chanderli is now looking for a new match against Mehmet, and the arrival of Beri Pasha paves the way for the match that Chanderli will prepare.

Candarli will start the game he created by pitting the Ottomans and Karaman against each other.

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