Watch Destan Episode 28 Trailer With English Subtitles

Destan Episode 28 Trailer With English Subtitles



Akkız and Batuga, who announced each other by tying a belt around their waists by Esrigün Kam, hid this happy news for a while due to cepir illness in the palace.

After the recovery of Alpagu Khan and the Tegins, Ulu Kam Arçuray announced this news to the Gök Saray, making the good news obvious.

The gospel was enthusiastically received by Alpagu Khan and the palace. However, the lovers said that they could not hold a wedding when the Turkish lands were under the occupation of the Itbarak.

After the victory against the Itbarak, a wedding party is held for Akkız and Batuga, the two heroes of epic love. What awaits Akkız and Batuga, who live in love in the ring of fire, after the wedding party?


The Turks won a great victory in the great war that broke out after the Turks and the Itbarak clashed near the Gök Orda. Obar and Itbaraks, who realized the ships were fakes during the conflict, were defeated and had to retreat.

Destan Episode 28 Trailer With English Subtitles

Before they could fully experience the joy of victory, the Gök Khanate received word that the Itbarak had arrived en masse in the Western Skylands.

Who will have the last laugh in the thousands of years of war between the Turkish army and the Itbarak? At the end of the all or nothing fight, will the Gök Khans be able to save Western Gök?

Will they be able to delete the appointments from the history? Or will they lose the Sky Horde as well?


Vera cooperated with the Russians and provided naive support for the Gök Orda. With this cooperation, Alpagu Khan fulfilled his promise, although he still doubted Vera, and returned the crown to him, and Vera regained the position of Great Ece.

With this move, Ulu Ece, who has managed to cover up her crimes for now, what steps will she take to get rid of the charges that await her in the Ulu Judiciary? Who will she ally herself with? Will Ulu Ece pay for what she did in the Great Trial and will she be punished?


Confident that Temur would not consider it her home, Mei Jin had staged a game against the Sky Horde, informing Obar of the location of the naphthas.

Although Mei Jin denied the betrayal she had committed against Alpagu and Temur, as she was unconvincing, Zhao intervened and took the blame for saving Mei Jin’s life.

Although Mei Jin escapes being imprisoned and prosecuted for now, how will she act in the face of Alpagu and Temur’s continued suspicions against her? Will she be able to save herself from the wrath of Alpagu and Temur? Will she be able to convince Temur and win her heart?


Alpagu had invited all the Turkish principalities to join together to fight against the Itbarak. To regain her father Alpagu’s trust, Kaya had gone to meet the Turkish principalities, who were full of revenge.

Kaya risked her life and eventually managed to gain the support of the principalities with the help of Günseli’s father, Özmen Bey.

What will be the fate of Kaya, who saved Alpagu from death during the war and was effective in winning the war by providing support to the knights? Will the previous accusations or subsequent successes affect Kaya’s fate?

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Destan Episode 28 Trailer With English Subtitles

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